Tuesday, January 31, 2012

3 years and I still love flying!!

Hello everyone !!!

I know that I should have updated you sooner on my progress and I apologize for totally disappearing on you ;) but life got too busy for keeping up with my blog since I met a special someone ;)

Just a quick update :
I'm still working for Etihad and loving it even more !!! it's been 3 yrs and 3 months since I joined ...

Looking back at all this time I spent in Etihad I can say that my first year of flying was amazing , the second one was frustrating and third one I finally realized that flying is my life and it will be hard for me to quit such an addictive, fun and well paid job hahaha.
I'm still working as FA ( economy crew) but hopefully in couple of months I'll get my well deserved promotion. Cross your finger for me !!!
I have traveled to most of Etihad destinations and it's been a really fantastic journey.
Just recently I got my Boeing 777 training and this month I am staring to fly on all the destinations that are operated on this aircrafts. My new destination this month will be Bangkok ( even tho I was there during my leave for couple of days).

I'm meeting a lot of new crew that are recognizing me from this blog and it's just an amazing feeling to know that I might have helped someone to make a decision to take on flying as their career.
I'v got a lot of positive feedback about my blog and I am extremely happy to be able to show people like you, what this job is all about.

Thank you from all my heart !!!

See you in the skies soon !!!