Friday, March 13, 2009

My March Roster

I have to say that my March roster is PERFECT !!!!
I could not be happier unless they send me to Bahamas for a week LOL
5 layovers and 5 turnarounds :)

1) London- 20 hours layover
2) 4 sectors in one day : Abu Dhabi - Bahrain, Bahrain - Abu dhabi; Abudhabi - Muscat, Muscat - Abu Dhabi ( each sector 45min -1h. long )..same crew on all sectors.
3) London- 36 hours layover
4) Trivandrum - turnaround
5) Beirut - turnaround
6) Karachi- turnaround
7) Geneva - 75 hours layover- my requested flight :)
8) Johannesburg - 13 hours layover
9) Dublin - 17,5 hours layover

that was already my second London flight since I started flying. Since I did not have much time, I only went with one of my friends for dinner and Guinness ;) at near by pub. Flight was quite good... nothing unusual.

4 Sectors
It was my first flight on A320 ( the smallest aircraft). On our sectors to and from Bahrain we flew on the oldest 320 we have - the famous Zulu :)
I have never been so freaked out about an aircraft before LOL. This aircraft is a leased one , and very old. Nothing on it works as it supposed to ... we even burned our crew meals in the oven LOL. It does not have In Flight Entertainment system , so we had to do a manual demonstration ( hehehehe.. I actually love it, it's like putting on a show for everyone in the cabin LOL )..but after all we're all still alive and well :)
Going to and from Muscat was a totally different story... a couple months old .. sparkling fresh A320 :)... what a relieve LOL. That flight was smooth... ahhhhh what a difference :) .The only issue I had.. and it was my first issue with a guest: we were taxing ... and the captain made an announcement that it will take another 5-10 minutes for us to take off because there are some other aircrafts before us. So a lot of people took out their cellphones and started texting and talking .. yes... seriously !!! All the crew , straight away went to the cabin and asked everyone to turn off their mobiles... so did I- and guess what.. I asked this one older French lady to switch off her mobile, and she refused... so I repeated my request : " PLEASE switch off your cell phone " and she tells me : " the captain said we'll be waiting for 10 minutes so I can use it" to which I said " Ma'am PLEASE turn off your mobile NOW " and guess what she tells me ... " I don't like the way you talk to me " !!!!! Can you believe the nerves !!! Buaahahaha... so I had enough arguing with her and asked my friend to go and have a talk with her... when my friend went to her, she told her to turn off the phone NOW.. but in French ... and it worked LOL. I just don't understand why people just don't get a simple directions hmmmm... sometimes makes me wonder who is smarter... the labor workers that don't even speak English and when we ask them to turn off their cellphones, they don't even know how and they hand them to us .. or how it might seem an educated European older lady who just decides to piss us off !!! hmmmm ....go and figure LOL

Yet another London.. but this time - a long layover. Finally I went to see the town with my friend. We freezed to death in this moody English weather. It was raining, windy and super cold. Why do we always get the stupid ideas to go out in such conditions??? Our hotel is located next to Heathrow airport so going to town is quite a trip. First we have to take bus to the airport where we take a metro to take us to downtown. About 50min-1:10 long all together. When we first arrived at the hotel in the morning, the weather was sooo nice.. sunny and quite warm for March. We went to sleep and decided to go to town around 1 pm .... and by the time we got to the metro it started to pour rain !!! It got cold and the wind was just ridiculously strong.
But... what to say... crazy cabin crew.. once we make the decision to go sightseeing.. nothing stops us LOL. After wee seen everything there is to see in London, we came back around 7 pm and went to our neighborhood English pub... and yet again for a great Guinness beer with Blackcurrant syrup .. Yum :)


That was the most bumpy flight I ever had. We had a very rough patch of turbulence right before we landed in Beirut. Even at touch down the aircraft was swinging from left to right and we got a little scared because it touched the ground first with one wheel and then with the second and kept swinging while braking.... uffff... what an experience.

Night flight again. Going to Karachi we had only 80 pax ( on A330-200 the max. is 240 in economy) and going back we had only 25 !
The flight was quite short, only about 2 hours. But going back we seriously finished the service in 15 minutes LOL .... and that gave us a lot of free time :)


Traytable said...

Sounds like interesting flights. I agree, sometimes passengers who SHOULD know better, don't, and the 'humble' passengers, though not knowing what they should do, are only too glad for us to show them and they apologise for not doing the right thing.

I much prefer them, at least they try to behave once they know what they should do!

Anonymous said...

I wish I could be there! SOunds so exciting- I'm very curious about your flight to Johannesburg. Don't forget to write about that;)

Do you have any info about the trainings btwn Apr-Sept- as for now we were informed- all of them have been cancelled:( We have to wait till september!

Kristina said...

Hi Nikita!

I am so glad I found your blog! Its really good to get so detailed information from somebody who has gone through all the training and now actually working as CC. You also write in a very interesting way so can't wait for your new posts :)
I passed the final interview (16th Feb London) and now waiting like everybody else what is going to happen next. The latest information from Etihad was that they are still sorting out the training and joining dates. I hope all this waiting pays off and I can work for Etihad as it sound absolutely fabulous :)
Good luck with everything and keep us posted :)