Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Exactly 5 years and 10 months ago I started the BEST Journey of my life ... coming to Abu Dhabi to work for Etihad as Cabin Crew. This whole time, I had the best time of my life: I partied at the best parties, I flown with the best crew, I traveled to the best destinations, I took care of the best passengers,I enjoyed the best vacation, I stayed in the best hotels and I made the best friends. I would like to thank everyone who fallowed me on this blog and also to everyone who joined Etihad after reading it. Today, is my last day in Etihad (but not in UAE) and even that it's a bitter/sweet experience, I'm super excited to chase my new dream (to start my new career) and hopefully start family with my husband. A lot of you will be probably sending me messages, asking what I'm planning to do next... so let me leave it in the open and as weird it might sound... it will be nothing to do with traveling ... I'm training to become a Dog Groomer !!! I would like to leave you with only one thought : NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAM ... AND HAPPY FLYING : <<< NIKITA - Once Upon A Dream >>>

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