Monday, May 25, 2009

The BIG May roster !!!!

To be quite honest... I'm being very sarcastic when I say that it's my BIG roster... actually it's the smallest roster yet :(
My month started with 9 days off annual leave when I went back home to Poland. After that I had my probationary review meeting with my performance manager ( which I thought was a total waste of time ) and after that few days off which I spend with my friends in Dubai.
1) 3 day company promotion (which turned into London flight - 36 hours layover)
2) Manchester- 16 hours layover
3) Casablanca- 48 hours layover

About the promotion: It was booked from a month ahead.. so I thought that it's a SURE thing... well.. more less.... they canceled it 2 days before the scheduled date and put me 4 days available instead ... ghrrrrrr ....imagine how furious I was after I saw it, because not only that I have ONLY 2 flights this month ... but on top of that other department is messing up my roster. I decided to take things into my own hands and called Crew Control ( the people that are scheduling us for flights ) and requested for them to give me ANY flight on those days... I must have called them about 3 times a day .. until they gave me mentioned earlier London flight. uffff... thank God... back to work after 3 weeks off :)
Flight to London was uneventful .... only half full.... easy and quite boring... but it's sooo nice when you don't hear constant sound of call bells. When passengers wanted something they came to the galley and asked for it and on top of that it was the cleanest flight I ever had !!! Layover was nice as well.... we went out to a small town close by the airport. Later we came back to the hotel and had some yummi Guinness :) ( as always on British destinations ). Return flight was as nice as the out- bound.


GirlonTour said...

Despite the lack of money from not flying as much, it must be nice to have some downtime? :D

The Flyer said...

Hey! like your blog! already in my list of favorites! haven't find too much blogs about people working for EY!

Good flights!

Anonymous said...

Wow - you have to like your job:D you seem like a Workaholic :D don't get me wrong - i'm happy that you write everything about your flights here. I really enjoy reading it:)
Take Care,

Adelinne said...

Hello!I have read all your posts since november and I really apreciate what you're doing on your blog...It s very useful for me because I prepare for my joinig day as CC this month. Thank u!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I really enjoy reading other FA blogs... Your site is nice.. Thanks for sharing..

Anonymous said...

where did ur training take place??
can u plz tell me the name of the institute/college or what ever it was plzz...

Nikita said...

The training takes place at Etihad academy located next to Abu Dhabi Airport.
I think you are under impression that you can take some kind of course to become cabin crew... but the truth is that every airline trains their own cabin crew. So first you need to get the job and then the company does the training for you. For me it was 7 weeks.
Hope it helps :)

Nikita said...

Hi, just found your blog and started reading backposts. Great stuff, thanks for sharing.