Friday, June 19, 2009

June... the beggining of hell..... I mean summer LOL

oufff.... the temeperatures are in hight 40s. I know that it's not the highest temeperature here... but man.... It's HOT !!!!

My June roster :
1) Melbourne- 26 hours layover
2) Beijing ( requested it with my BF)- 55 hours layover
3) Frankfurt- 19.5 hours layover.
4) Trivandrum- turnaround
5) Start of my 4 day promotion in South Africa with our CEO James Hogan

Before Frankfurt flight I had 2 days of promotions. Both of them were in Al Ain, the first on at the mall and the second one at the hospital.

What a beautiful city. The more I go to Australia the more I love it :) ... such an amazing place. We had a great crew on flight and the whole trip was sooo nice... I'd love to go back there as soon as I can.

Yay.. I can't believe that me and my best friend Paula finally got our requested flight !!! The flight was a little hectic and just because of full economy and on top of that 95% of the ppl did not speak a word of english. It can get really messy in the cabin LOL. The most fun we have is during service, when you actually need to spend good 5 min. with each passenger before you communicate with them on their meal and drink choice. Having a chinese speaker on board really halped since she translated for us: chicken , beef or vegetables hehehe... it was a real life saver. Anyway, after a long 8,5 hours flight we finally arrived to Beijing for the fun to begin. We arrived early in the morning, so I went straight to bed and scheduled with few people to meet up around 6 pm for dinner. After a refreshing 7 hours of undisturbed sleep I went downstairs to meet up wit my friend, first officer and F&B. We decided that it will be a good idea to go and try some typical chinese food - uffff nothing more wrong !!!! We went to the "food street" and found a huge restaurant packed with people, and as we all know the busier the restaurant the better the food. As we sat down at the table and opened the menu.... wow.... I have NEVER seen so many disquisting things in my life, and I mean fried chicken feet, seafood that would make your stomach turn, pig intestines stuffed with fat or God only knows what. It took us about good half an hour to go thru this horrifying menu until we finally made the choice.. and to tell you the truth.. not even one thing we ordered was good. So if you ever ask me what to eat in China... I'll tell you McDonalds ( as we did for the rest of the layover LOL ). After the dinner we decided to go to the club called Suzy Wang. It was quite nice, but most of the people there were visitors and expats just like us. We had a lot of fun there and left at about 2 am. The next day we scheduled a day trip with a tour guide. She picked us up at 8:30 am, so as you can guess ... we were dead LOL Our first stop was the Summer Palace.. we literally run thru it !!! This place is huuuge. Our next stop was the pearl factory, where they showed us how they make them and even opened one clam for us so we could see the pearls inside. Next we went to the Great Wall. Ouhhh my legs hurt till today from climbing it LOL. But it's really breathtaking. After this we went back to the city to visit Tea place where thy told us a lot about different kind of teas, traditions and different ways to drink it. When we finished the tour it was already 5 pm. Me and my friend Paula still had to go shopping... off course :) we got soooo much stuff..... hardly closed my suitcase LOL. The shopping in China is THE BEST..... no comparison. On that note, everyone happy we left china. Until next time ;)

One of my best flights ever, and all thanks to awesome cabin crew. We went for dinner and we laugh sooo hard that those poor Germans must have thought that we are bunch of kuku people from a nuts house LOL. But that's what it's all about- travel, have fun, enjoy !!!!!!

Surprisingly this flight was really nice even that it was a long 11 hours duty and we were a little delayed. After flying for 6 months I have to say that finally I learned how to handle night flights.. and actually enjoy them :)


Lynne said...

Hi Nikita,

Sorry if this has been posted twice, I messed up setting up this account.

Anyway, as I was saying, I LOVE reading your blog about working for Etihad, it's great - PLEASE keep it up.

I'm a scared flyer - I developed a fear a good few years ago but got over it (a bit) by going on the British Airways Fear of Flying Course.

It was great, but I'm still a bit nervous (though I flew to Australia and back with Emirates 2 years ago, and I could not have done that without the course!), and I'm fascinated by how you guys who are cabin crew get up there and do it every day!

Anyhow, I LOVE reading your stories about your adventures on Etihad.

Much as I'm scared, there's a small bit of me that would have loved to do your job, you are very lucky, and I love hearing about how it went.

Good for you going and getting a brilliant job like that!


Lynne (Scotland, UK)

Lynne said...

Hi Nikita,

This thing will not let me leave comments, your blog is great. I'll try again now.

Nicole said...

It's good to hear something from you. :) As I see you had mostly layovers in your june roster and had a good time. That's great:) Wish you more rosters like this one:)I'm looking forward to your new post.
Take care

Anonymous said...

So does this mean you will be with the CEO James Hogan in photos promoting South Africa....Will keep an eye out for it

Tavia said...

Hi...your post are very informative and very nice to read. Do you have any ideea if Etihad will be recruting in Europe this year?

Trisya said...

Hi Nikita,

I'm currently residing in Singapore. I would love to be part of Etihad Airlines but do not know where to start and how to apply.

Fe said...

Hey Nikita youve gone quiet!!! What have you been up to? I start etihad training a week sun I cant wait. Hopfully fly with you one day.

Jaggu said...

Hey came to your blog while browsing. Being a flight crew member your blog is quite interesting. And welcome to my blog and feel free to follow.

Anonymous said...

it's been a year without a post! write something new:))

sherri said...

I agree... the Chinese food isn't all that! I went there for 3 weeks and was so sick of Chinese for Breakfast lunch and dinner! Sounds like a fun month.

Anonymous said...

congratulations on your wonderful career!

i can't seem to find the medical requirements for etihad cabin crew. do you if they accept scoliosis and on what degree?

i know the requierements for emirates and qatar but i've found none for EY.

please help!


Anonymous said...

what happened to your blog??? kindly update it.. i'm having so much fun reading it... and btw,, can u post the beauty products you're using??? thank u and God bless!! =)

iivana said...

Thank you for this blog, Nikita!

I see your last post was written a long time ago, more than 1,5yrs. Why did you stop writing? You said "everything" and got bored after first excitement? OR cuz of Etihad policies? Or you quit? I'm going to AD and I write a blog, too, so I've been wondering how much I'm allowed to post online about Etihad. So, I'm just really curious why you stopped writing. :) I hope you get this msg! (u can answer me by email if u don't wanna write here..or just leave a comment on my blog)

Anyway, your blog has been ultimately informative, even though I understand things might have changed a bit since 2 yrs, but I'm happy you wrote all this. It made me a bit calmer about the move, even knowing "bad" stuff about what's coming, is better than knowing Nothing at all.
With bad I refer mostly to the housings downtown..they don't sound too nice!!!

Are you still working for EA?
Maybe I'll be seeing you soon :)

Take care!!! Great blog.

Anonymous said...

why did you stopped this blog? It is awesome :)

Last minute flights to Johannesburg said...

Anyway, as I was saying, I LOVE reading your blog about working for Etihad, it's great - PLEASE keep it up.